Platform built for your business.

VISARD is a complete AI platform with array of features that makes it a unique and one of its kind solution, emphasizing on creating real-life like experiences, exploit the abilities of deep learning based data generation beyond limits, enabling smarter autonomous vehicle development. VISARD has everything you need to leverage from this platform to build custom solutions with an edge

Synthesize Real-life like Video

Synthesize countless videos with VISARD which is built using various deep networks such as GAN and variants of them to achieve the desired Video transformation and deep learning generative models to render realistic videos.

Ready to use trained models
from for your business domain

Accelerate your development by choosing from an array pre trained models suitable for your business domain.

Use from the large selection
of trained models.

Choose amongst the features to have your own intuitive dashboard for hassle free experience

Ready to use Tools

Object/Background change

Enables the user to change the background or any specific object in a live video feed to the desired image.

Text-to-Video conversion

Enables the user to generate photorealistic script based videos by feeding the desired script to our AI Engine.

Synthetic Real-life like Video Data creation for Autonomous vehicles

Enables the user to generate huge amount of real life like training data videos with various combination of elements like terrain, traffic, weather etc.

3D face recognition

Enables the user to have a fool-proof authentication system

Activity recognition

Enables the user to visually monitor human activities in real time.

Virtual Mirror (Virtual Try On Experience)

Enables the user to pick the desired clothing and accessories from the webstore & virtually try it, with the help of front facing camera on a laptop, pc or smartphone.

Realistic gameplay generation

Generate interactive AI rendered virtual world, instead of the conventional graphic rendered gameplay

Virtual shopping experience

Create immersive & real life shopping experience by generating virtual world of the malls & shops

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