Introducing Nautanki

A new fun and unique way to create short, entertaining videos and also discover trending videos from various creators that is “Made in India”.

Nautanki welcomes you to create entertaining videos and share it across your friends and other social media platforms. Its versatility enables you to record and edit videos from 15-second to 60-second clips enriched with songs, audios, favourite movie dialogues, exciting filters and new creative tools.

Inspired by VISARD™, Nautnki offers attractive new AI enabled features by that makes it unique and trendy.

You can share the clips with your followers and having a public account makes it possible to showcase your talent to the larger Nautanki community thus reaching the global community like never before

Highlighting Features

  • Know your energy level and emotional level with our energy and emotion meter features
  • Inserting realistic objects in the video clips on the go
  • Choose from a wide range of songs and movie dialogues across all regional languages
  • React to videos with various emojis rather than just like it
  • Keep track of all the metrics like views, shares etc with our in-app analytics

Create and Share Videos

Record a video or select video from the gallery. Choose from a variety of creative video editing tools that include:

Countdown timer

lets you record videos hands-free with an option to select from different countdown timer pre-sets


Explore the music/dialogue on Nautanki audio library and use it with your clip to create creative contents


Choose from the wide variety of filters from Nautanki and creators across the globe


Speed up or slow down parts of video or audio to keep the rhythm and create unique content


Use hashtags, tag and challenge your friends and share it across the community to showcase your talent. Nautanki allows you to choose from Private and Public Accounts based on your preference

Get Nautanki

Nautanki showcases videos of content from creators across the globe and best of trends. Explore Nautanki videos in an easy to watch, react, comment and share in a vertical feed. Navigate across different pages in the app without any hassle and express yourself like never before.
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